Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to the official website for Star Wars: Threads of Destiny

We finally got our very own place on the Internet and we hope you are as happy about it as we are. Remember that this is as they say only the beginning and we will continue to post more exclusive material in the year to come as we get closer to the much awaited release of one of the most anticipated Fan Films ever.

So keep checking out the site and if you have any question just email us at

May the force be with you,
Tim Drougge, Producer of Threads of Destiny.


  1. Kul att ni fått upp sidan ordentligt nu!

  2. This film looks like its going to be amazing!
    What's the release date?

  3. Did the film already come out and i am just having bad luck in finding it, or is it still to come??? I would appreciate any info anyone has.

  4. Will the film be poste here?
    Will the download link be posted here?

  5. Det här ska bli väldigt intressant :)
    Jag har varit ett Star Wars fan sen barnsben.
    Jag hoppas bara jag inte missat filmen än eftersom att de stod 30 maj 09.

  6. Just wondering when the release date will be?

  7. Quando disponibilizarão o filme para download?
    Nós aqui do Brasil estamos ansiosos.

    Willian Borba, Amigo de Eugenio Quinonez.